The final design for the cover of POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD has just come through. The raven image (my Facebook avatar) is the work of nature photographer Mark Moritsch. Graphic designer Diego Melendez has created a terrific treatment, somber and compelling. (The faux-Latin filler here stands in place of the scintillating blurb to come.)

Now the pre-publication push begins. Getting the word out, in such a crowded, diffuse, and chaotic market, is no small undertaking. But this story involves potent and trending themes–the threat of climate-change calamity and the strenuous efforts of religious fundamentalists to impose their dogmatically inspired beliefs upon our entire, wonderfully diverse population. With a fair amount of early attention in the right places, POLLY is just the kind of galvanizing YA fantasy that could quickly attract a wide readership–among readers of all ages.

polly_book_cover_full copy