Don’t miss the latest praise for POLLY appearing in this week’s Seven Days, Vermont’s entertainment weekly.  It begins:

“In a broken future America, a teenage witch travels from Florida to Vermont to save her kind from a purge orchestrated by a repressive Christian regime. Oh, and she can fly.

“That’s the irresistible premise of Don Bredes‘ new novel, Polly and the One and Only World, which draws on influences such as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, James Howard Kunstler’s post-peak-oil novels and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy to put a new spin on the thriving genre of young-adult dystopian fiction.”

I’ll be presenting POLLY this coming Friday, November 14, at 4 pm, at the Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, New York, and on Saturday, November 15, 4 pm, at the store in Manchester Center, Vermont.  Please stop by if you can!