Polly Lightfoot is the most likable, and the most resourceful, teenage character in American fiction since Huck Finn. Like Mark Twain’s classic, Don Bredes’s horrifying and inspiring POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD will be loved by readers of all ages. Unforgettable characters, non-stop action, timely social commentary, and one gorgeous sentence after another from beginning to end . . . POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD has it all.
–Howard Frank Mosher, author of WALKING TO GATLINBURG


THE ERRAND BOY (Three Rivers Press, 2009)

Bredes’s method is a little like his sturdy small-town constable’s—by page two he’s got you by the lapels, pushed you up against the wall, and made you fear what comes next.  He doesn’t relax his grip until the last page is turned. 
 –Tom McNeal, author of Goodnight, Nebraska


THE FIFTH SEASON (Three Rivers Press, 2005)

 THE FIFTH SEASON is the kind of novel that makes you want to dress right, because Don Bredes gives you the full-Vermont:  an inviting, yet dangerous landscape where local history, long-held grudges, and intrigue lead the town folk to draw lines in the mud.  Good boots, hat, and coat recommended.  [It’s] a terrific read. 
–John Smolens, author of Cold
Don Bredes is a writer whose work I’ve admired for many years, but I was especially taken with THE FIFTH SEASON, the work of a singular talent at the height of his powers.  The novel quietly but firmly evokes life in a small town in Vermont, and the flinty narrative voice of Hector Bellevance skates with grace and skill over the surface, while suggesting the dark and icy depths that can be found anywhere in the human universe but certainly here, in Tipton, Vermont.  This is a brisk and well-shaped story of crime and detection; yet it’s more than that.  It’s also a work of considerable literary ambition and solid achievement, one that deserves a wide audience. 
–Jay Parini, author of The Apprentice Lover


COLD COMFORT (Harmony, 2001)

Bredes writes superbly and creates compelling, believable characters. 
–Kirkus Reviews


MULDOON (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1982)

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HARD FEELINGS (Atheneum, 1977; Bantam Books, 1978)

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