HARD FEELINGS is “remarkably sensitive and perceptive . . . really quite wonderful.”

Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review

“Bernie Hergruter is real: in an idiom that matchlessly defines the adolescent temperament . . . he is telling it like it is about ourselves, our parents, our children, what families are all about in any time, at any place.”

Mobile Press Register (Alabama)

“I really wonder if anyone read Hard Feelings before making it a ‘best book.’ Surely trash like that doesn’t belong on young adult shelves! Did someone see ‘redeeming social value’ in Bredes’s book?”

–letter from a librarian to the School Library Journal

“Pow . . High phosphate spirits, humor, and a sense of growing up real.”

–starred review, Kirkus

“The effect of Hard Feelings on parents will be to cause them to cherish their teenage sons perhaps more than they do now, which makes it a most useful novel, as well as a lively and honest one.”

–The Kansas City Star

Hard Feelings is about just what it says it is–hard feelings about growing up, about sex, about an enemy–and it’s written with a lot of very good and healthy emotion. Bernie Hergruter is a ‘real’ kid in the same way Holden Caulfield is–and he may prove to be just as unforgettable.”

–Washington Post

“ . . . a raunchy, delightful, comic, and often movingly pathetic depiction of those terrible years known as youth.”

–The Grand Rapids Press (Michigan)

“Now comes Bernie Hergruter with adolescent charm, the philosopher-hero of Don Bredes’s witty and sensitive first novel, Hard Feelings. Bredes has created . . . an authentic voice, interesting adventure, and surprising humor.”

–Boston Herald American

“If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to hear is how good this book is and all that New York Times Book Review fare. When you come right down to it Bernie is an honest guy who says exactly what he thinks, and you have to excuse him for thinking kind of raunchy things, but what he says is close to what it was like back then, I mean, this isn’t a classic or anything like that, but it’s an honest book.

–The Washington Star

“Witty, irreverent, and charming.”

-The New York Times

“Girls, sex, and trouble of one kind or another are stirred into a saga that has to be an eye-opener for anyone who thinks of high school youngsters as ‘little kids.’ And it’s all told with humor, the ingredient that lifts it from one-of-a-kind to superior status.”

–Erie Sunday Times (Pennsylvania)

“If there are risks in reading first novels . . . there is also the ever-present anticipation of discovering a worthwhile piece of writing. Don Bredes’s first novel is that and more.”

–Houston Chronicle

“It’s the funny sharpness in the voice you hear–Bernie Hergruter’s voice–that makes . . . Hard Feelings sparkle as one of the best pieces of ‘American odyssey’ fiction to come along since Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. This is truly a surprising first novel.”

–Dallas Times Herald