“MULDOON is consistently entertaining and funny. Bredes’s evocation of the southern California of all-night tennis courts and nude bars, waterfront mansions and clacking skateboards and fast food and fast money is wonderfully authentic.”

The Sunday Rutland Herald (Vermont)

MULDOON is “a marveously crazy and often touching tale of a 21-year-old struggling for an identity.” Bredes has “wit and sensitivity and a wonderful ability to create memorable characters. Their interactions, disturbing and funny by turns, move the story along at a smooth and entertaining pace.”

Newsday (Long Island)

“Funny and touching–and also highly dramatic.”

–Publisher’s Weekly

MULDOON “is in the grand tradition of the young-outlaw-as-hero. The quest is to best the draft, wangle an early inheritance from his grandfather, and save his lade from Hitleresque parents.”

Detroit Sunday Free Press